What really matters…

Mom&MeEven though it’s been a little over a year now, your presence is, at many times, most palpable.  Even as we continue to deal with and come to terms with something so permanent, you give us signs of your existence in a butterfly following us on the trail, a bunny crossing the pasture, or a dove cooing in the distance.  Even as we lost your close friend recently on the anniversary of your passing, you brought us peace which surpasses understanding…

While some things in life cannot be fixed but only carried with the help of others, I remain buoyed by the funny stories of others about you and so much more.  When I hear about a new children’s book or a scrumptious recipe, I still make a mental note to share it with you.  I see your raised eyebrow, your coiffed hair-do, or the turn of your beautiful blue eyes in other’s expressions and daily existence.  I smell your Sunday pot roast or your perfume on your choir robe in the church closet.  You continue to find clever ways to bring light into the cracks of this healing heart beyond my comprehension.

Powerful memories invoke daily reminder lessons of what really matters in life.  Through your earthly actions, you taught how to be kind, to be grateful every day for something, to show grace to others, to always cherish family, to care for others by giving back and thinking forward, and to absolutely wash my face every night.  🙂    You shared how to exult in the moments of JOY and to not seek shelter from those who insist on being energy vampires.  Most importantly, you taught me that love is really the only thing that matters in this life–whether or not you are present or remain forever in my soul.

You are with me always, momma.  You’re the whisper in the leaves and flowers as I hike in fields of gold. You’re the smell of remembered foods and fragrances in daily life. You’re the cool hand of peace passing over me or the warmth of assurance when I’m struggling and uncertain at any given time. You’re the sound of the rain lulling me to sleep on a stormy night or the colors in the rainbows I seek. You remain alive in my laughter, sarcasm, tears, and JOY. You’re the place I come from, my first home, and the road map along life’s journey…thanks for continuing to subtly remind me of what really matters each day.

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