Harmony in Carnegie…

Performing in Carnegie Hall has to be a “JOY-Jar” item of the most profound experience on anyone’s bucket list.  This will be reality in my world next week!  Under the direction of Maestro Dr. Jonathan Palant, the Credo Choir of Dallas and the Dallas Street Choir will present a special one-night performance of the “Imagine A World: Music for Humanity” at the famed Hall.  Featuring reknown soloists and performers Frederica Von Stade and Harolyn Blackwell, and legendary composers and pianists, Stephen Schwartz and Jake Heggie, both choirs and artists will share music of hope, love, JOY, and peace.  Inspiration, imagination, and integration are the keys noted throughout this combined program.

In our world of daily angst and social uncertainty, music remains an extraordinary avenue to bind people of all generations and walks of life.  Through beautiful notes, melody and harmony provide invisible connections as a covenant of each spirit and soul to express things we cannot otherwise articulate.  Therefore, sing on my sisters and brothers in song!  May we always endeavor to bear our deepest beliefs in the most melodious of ways, whether we do it in harmony at home or in Carnegie… 🙂  #HomelessNotVoiceless

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