Super Hero Brain Power…

IMG_7098Super heroes unite!  During rally this morning, our own LME Super Heroes made a special appearance to remind our friends about the courage and kindness all around us.  From our Teddy Bear Drive to the smart work of our teachers, we are ready to use our Super Hero Brain power with courage and kindness.  IMG_7109We also worked on our Super Hero stance…you know…feet apart, hands on hips, chin out, and face up in a courageous thoughtful smile.  Our teachers received a little “grade” on their Super Hero progress too.

In other news, don’t forget about state assessment next week.  We will be closed to visitors and volunteers in order to maintain testing and campus security with minimal distractions.

Get outside and use your Super Hero powers to better the world today; enJOY this extraordinary spring weekend!  🙂

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