What’s your super power today?

We all have gifts to share with each other; some of us just open our packages sooner than others.  🙂

Sarah Super HeroSuper Heroes have powers; some for good and some for not-so-good ventures.  During the course of conversations this morning during walk-about, several students shared their ideas from our big Super Hero Day yesterday when we celebrated the Science and Math of Super Heroes.  With help from Mr. Jerry DeCaire of Marvel Comics, students participated in creative process from conception to final comic book story product.  Mr. DeCaire is responsible for drawing the likenesses of Thor, X-Men, Wolverine, Avengers, Hawkeye, and more over the years.  Class Super HeroWorking closely with writers who create the storyline, he in turn draws realistic comic characters using math and science (really!) to create the action you see in the final product.  It’s a truly fascinating process.  More importantly (and fun fact), comic artists continue to create by hand (and not with cutting-edge technology as you might think) because human hands work faster than computer models currently allow.

superhero1Students today took the knowledge they gleaned from yesterday’s presentation to create their own concepts of super heroes–drawings and story lines.  As one little friend shared with me, “My super power today and is drawing and writing; so what’s your super power, Ms. Van?” 🙂

Here’s hoping our little super heroes never lose sight of the many extraordinary gifts and powers they have, opening and sharing them when they are ready to do so!  What’s YOUR super power today?

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