JOY and more!

It’s no secret my favorite word is JOY…our learners know it because it’s something we talk about during morning message—finding our own JOY in simple, everyday ways.  We see the word all over the JOYplace during this time of year; you can find it on ornaments, in greetings, on wrapping paper, or even on the smiling young faces of little learners whose eyes sparkle and marvel at the wonder of the season (and there was great JOY on the beautiful faces of our third grade friends who shared their holiday spirit during “North Pole Diaries” last week!).

Additionally there was great JOY on the face of our own Mrs. Griffin-Loftis this afternoon as we celebrated her 21 years of educational excellence in MISD.  Mrs. Griffin-Loftis is retiring from our campus at the end of this month.  Thanks to the staff, fellow colleagues, former students, and others who stopped by to wish her the best.  Well done our great, faithful, JOYous leader of learners!

Yes, JOY surrounds us, but we must teach our little ones the way to find it for themselves and how to share it with others, thus leading me to a couple of challenging questions for today:  How do you share JOY with those you hold dear during this JOYous season?  How do you convey JOY to little ones who look to you for guidance in finding it within themselves?  Perhaps these are tough questions to ponder as you prepare for the coming days ahead…but, as always, may great hope, peace, JOY, and love surround you and those you hold dear!

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