Always be HopeFULL…

hopeWhile walking a silent building in the early morning frost today, a small note caught my eye:  “To have hope in your life is exactly what it’s like for a December night to have stars in the sky, especially THE star leading the way reminding me to always be hopeFULL…”  Talk about an inspiring, uplifting, JOYous moment to experience!  This season may be the time for good tidings of great JOY, loved ones and friends gathered together, favorite songs, and twinkling lights, but it’s also a time for deep reflection, gratitude, giving thanks, sharing with others, and building hope for the future.  So to my little author friend, I wish you:

An abundance of JOY;

Feelings warming your world to make you smile;

Friends and loved ones by your side;

People who treasure every memory they get to make with you;

Wonderful surprises in your life;

Beautiful sunrises in your days;

Opportunities coming your way;

Chances you’ve hoped for and goals you’re striving to reach;

Changes you want to make;

Songs in your heart;

Wishes coming true; and most especially,

Reminders of how much nicer this world is because of you!

…so…may all our LME learning community family and friends “always be HopeFULL!”  🙂