Ollie the Jolly OWL…

ollielibraryThe elf may be off the shelf, but there’s a wise winged friend flying about the hallways and classrooms of LME these days.  Ollie the Jolly OWL is flying in, up, and all around the building.  A personal friend of our own Monty the Moose who roamed our building last year, Ollie is dressed in her Christmas finest and is making the rounds by joining in all the seasonal fun.  For example, she read several books in the library with students before Mrs. Bolgiano noticed her shelving books.  olliemusic2Ollie really likes nursery rhymes and managed to compose a couple of her own to share too!

olliemusicNext, she spotted some “friends” playing musical instruments with Mrs. Perez and second grade helpers today.  She decided to stay and play a few songs on the xylophone!  According to one learner, “Mrs. Van, she’s really got potential if she’d just practice a bit.”  🙂

It’s a good thing she’s decided to adopt us this holiday season.  Between her adventures and the treats she shares along the way, we wonder where she will turn up next?

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