Fear vs. Love

A special friend and I had an interesting conversation today about fear versus love.  This child is struggling and asked for some “advice” on how to conquer fear of failure.  We talked about the “cure” to fear being love.  Instead of fearing failure, learn to love the process and success will naturally come.  When we learn to focus on love, we cast the fear aside.  candy heart

As parents and educators, teaching the idea of love conquering fear sets the tone for overall success in extraordinary ways each day.  For example, teachers model and demonstrate love daily to their learners; they understand what they build with love will become so much more for each child.  Loving the child is the focus rather than fearing new state standards or testing.  Only through love and loving the process of learning will they help each child create something special, magnificent, and compelling…a personal masterpiece.

Jon Gordon in his book, The Carpenter, says it best:  “That which is built on love will endure, so love all of it; when you love all of it, you will fear none of it…this a success strategy and secret to a life of great meaning…”  He further explains:

  1. Love the struggle…because it makes you appreciate your accomplishment.
  2. Love challenges…because they make you stronger.
  3. Love competition…because it makes you better.
  4. Love negative people (they need love most of all)…because they make you more positive.
  5. Love those who have hurt you…because they teach you forgiveness.
  6. Love fear…because it makes you courageous.

Here’s hoping we remember to love all of it and fear none of it!  🙂

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