Asking the big ?s…

“Take out your iPad for a reader response to the character’s idea of finding gratitude and meaning in each day…”  Thus started a most reflective few moments for this small group of writers discussing character point–of-view during their literature group time; indeed, it sparked a personal interest in each learner to reflect on his or her own attitude of gratitude.gratitude

As one learner noted, “Gratitude is the surest way to heal a hurt and help you focus on what is good.”  Another commented, “I’ve found it’s a great way to make a difference in my day.”  A third child shared, “I find more reasons to be grateful for all I have even when we really have very little in our life now.”  Finally, another chimes in, “So the way you see it, gratitude turns what you have into enough.”  BINGO!  🙂

The group challenged one another to list the things they are each thankful for today and to then pick one to write about by describing how it came to be in their life.  They asked big questions like, “What did you learn from it?” – and – “What meaning does this hold for you?”  Finally, they summed up the message by challenging each other to have an attitude of gratitude every day to make them aware of the blessings coming their way.   So, the BIG question to you today:  How will you choose to have an attitude of gratitude so you appreciate the blessings coming your way?

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