Weeds and Wildflowers

Perhaps you’ve heard the saying:  “May all your weeds be wildflowers.”  After testing was complete, I managed to make the rounds this afternoon to visit with some young readers talking and studying seeds.  bluebonnetsThey were commenting about finding “several weeds on the playground and our fields out back, Mrs. Van!”  Someone mentioned allergies and “how hard it is to keep my nose from running right now with blooms!”  Another friend talked about sharing “a flower necklace I made during recess.”  One child discussed the need to “help others learn to see the weeds of life as wildflowers everyday.”  🙂  Obviously, this got my attention!

As we talked on, it became obvious these observers were sharing ideas gleaned from recent classroom conversations and discussions about turning challenging situations into opportunities.  This life lesson at a young age can certainly impact the future for these learners.  Looking at things optimistically (the glass is half full) goes a long way in bringing JOY to daily challenges, no matter the situation.  So…here’s hoping you find a batch of wildflowers along your journey today and choose to help others turn their “weeds into wildflowers” too!

PS – I’m told we “DID NOT pick the bluebonnets out back either!”  🙂

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