Math and bubbles and bluebonnets and MEF…

Whew…what a way to start our Spring Break today!  Our Miller Rally and the day’s events gleaned great surprises for all.  As one of my little friends noted, “let’s break this down now…”

BBB31.  Our Bluebonnet Book Bowl Team presented their big award and shared their reading journey and medals with everyone.

2.  The Midlothian Education mef1Foundation presented our own Mrs. Perez, Coach Rogers, Mrs. Garippa, Mrs. Lassetter, and Mrs. Gunter with a huge innovative teaching grant award for their clever idea involving keyboards in music, PE, math, science, and history.

bubbles3.  Our Head Start friends celebrated the beginning of Spring Break by sharing giggles and bubbles in hopes of blowing winter goodbye.  It was all part of their marvelous math experiences throughout their day (and you should see them counting bubbles).  🙂

4.  Our 6th annual Marvelous Miller Math (3M) Day 3m2was spent experiencing a variety of math opportunities…from guest speakers sharing how math applies in their “real” lives each day to engaging and meaningful math activities. 3m3 MHS Pals, parents, visitors, and community leaders all helped throughout the day to ensure math dominated in marvelous Miller ways!

mvp25.  Special congratulations today goes to our own Desiree who earned our second MVP award this semester.  She is our morning greeter everyday.  From her sweet smile to the extra miles she goes to daily to bring JOY and assistance wherever she goes, we are proud of the outstanding model she is for learners everyday.

From math and bubbles to bluebonnets and 3m1grants, we covered a unique spectrum of learning opportunities today.  We were also blessed to share some quality time with our very own LaRue Miller; what a beautiful way to start our break indeed!

Here’s hoping you find great rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation as you venture forth into various adventures in the coming week…be safe out there; we’ll see you again on March 17th!  🙂

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