Bluebonnet Book Bowl 2014!

…and the crowd goes wild!  Congratulations and big BRAVOS to our LME 2014 Bluebonnet Book Bowl (BBB) Team!  They won the gold tonight, the big trophy, and the right to brag for the next year.  During the 8th annual MISD competition, teams from each elementary and the two middle schools compete in a series of nail-biting questions related to this year’s Bluebonnet nominees and winner.  Third, Fourth, and Fifth graders are challenged each year to vote and pick the winner of the annual Texan Library Association’s challenge—but you have to read a minimum of five books on the list in order to have the right (and responsibility) to vote.  Having only read a handful of the books myself this year, it was quite a feat for those who read ALL the selections to conquer.

Once the books are read, then students BBB2014try-out for our school team through a special audition.  “This is serious book business, Mrs. Van,” shared a team member.  They spend time outside of class researching, sharing, comparing, and preparing for any and all question possibilities.

Congratulations go out to our BBB Team and their enthusiastic sponsor, our star library media specialist, Mrs. Bolgiano, for their diligent and thorough preparations!  Read on, my friends; read on…  🙂

Note:  Spring Break (March 10-14) is a GREAT time to enJOY the sunshine and read some wonderful new books.  Be sure to stop by the LMC and stock up before the break!

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