Tutus and Ties 2014

tt1Yes, our PTO moms have topped last year’s highly successful annual Tutus and Ties Event at LME with even more this year!  From the stunning decorations, red carpet, top tunes, and 100s of colorful tt2balloons, to the scrumptious food, fun, dancing, and friendly fellowship…truly and simply extraordinary indeed.

tt3Special thanks to our creative PTO Board of dedicated moms with great vision and insight who lead the with grace, style, and great humor.  They spent the better part of Friday evening and all day today attending to the details of this enormous undertaking.  Thanks to the moms, grandmas, staff members, and other volunteers who worked the event (and clean up) tt4so our dads, grandfathers, uncles, and brothers can give their undivided attention to the young ladies who brought them.

It’s such a pleasure to be a part of a learning organization where our parents are our partners and actively participating members of all we do—during school hours and well beyond.  Tutus and Ties 2014…a true Red Carpet Affair!

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