Out and about…

Daily walkabouts yield great results on any given day…the conversations with learners, the engaging work, the hugs, the reminders of why and how we do what we do everyday…what a blessing to have this opportunity to serve daily!  During my morning stroll, several items caught my eye:

IMG_3720Heartprints are those special ways you help and touch the lives of those around you in unique, heartfelt ways.  A great group of writers captured the spirit of giving heartprints by reflecting on ways to share with others…certainly a great way to fill your soul in heartwarming style!

Likewise, our 5th grade Social Studies classes are IMG_3713tracking the hearty events of the Winter Olympics with daily medal counts in a fabulous visual graph worthy of special notice.  Forget the NBC count; these learners have created a medal masterpiece, all while sharing fun facts and statistics for the entire school to enJOY!

IMG_3717We have a large group of book buddies who “chews” to work weekly in reading, writing, and learning with younger friends (it’s a LME tradition).  These younger friends shared a special display of thanks; you can tell they definitely “have a ball” together!

. . . and we can’t allow the big IMG_3712100th day of school to go unnoticed!  Our Kinder friends shared their love for all things 100 by completing over 100 reasons why they love our school…so impressive!

Yes, out and about are the best ways to get a feel for the action across LME these days.  We hope you’ll stop by soon to visit and share your adventure while you’re out and about in our building…

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