A pink princess party…

As you know I affectionately share how we have a complete “buffet of services” on our campus everyday—lots of academic and instructional girlscoloringPPPsetting choices to meet any need.  There is one unique PreK program we especially enJOY though; these young friends come for early intervention work in speech.  These 3-and-4-year-olds work in a language-enriched educational environment through unique sensory, hands-on activities in meaningful and engaging ways; today was certainly no exception.

pinkprincesspartyA particular group of little girls working on the “p” sound this week celebrated the day with a pretty pink princess party!  From talking and coloring giant princess pictures to sharing a snack together, these little princesses partied in real royal style.  “We made a wand and a crown ’cause all princesses have wands and crowns, you know.”  Ahhh . . . to be a pretty pink princess once again . . .  🙂

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