Calling all DADs…

There are multiple opportunities to volunteer, mentor, and participate in our learning community daily…being involved is a special part of the LME family experience after all!  One unique daily volunteerwordleopportunity involves our DADs (Dads Assisting Daily) during morning arrival.  If you can smile, shake hands, give high-fives, share positive words of morning encouragement, and help others get their school day going, then we need you!  Come by any morning about 7:15, get your badge from the front office, and join the safety patrol and staff members on duty until 7:45 a.m. to meet and greet our learning community.  We run two drop-off lines each morning for convenience and we need you!  Special thanks to Dale McCaskill who started this great program three years ago (even though the boys have moved on, come by to join us or drive thru and sing to us anytime).  Thanks to our new SRO, Officer Ray Hall, for assisting each week as your schedule allows too.

Just like our enrollment, we look forward to growing this program even more in the year ahead!

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