Meet the Staff, Part II

From the primary (foundational) teams to the intermediate (upstairs BIG kid) teams, we are truly blessed with extraordinary educators who commit time, talents, teaching gifts, and unlimited service to all learners at LME:


Third Grade Team members include Amy Clark, Jean Waddill, Andrew Morgan, and Jennifer Rinehart.

The Fourth Grade Team consists of Brittany Cole, 4th teamJane Crisp, Jennifer Kids, Rachel McKee, and Shannon Williams.

5th teamThe Fifth Grade Team members include Sherrie Gunter (Social Studies), Susan Bly (Reading/Language Arts), Jennifer Lassetter (Math), and Laurie Garippa (Science).  Our fifth graders rotate between these four core subject classes.

Our Specials Team is shy, but they promise to share a picture with you in the coming week.  🙂  Please continue attending the important Parent Meetings during this month, asking those questions, and sharing your successes with our amazing LME team members.

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