Meet the Staff; Part I

It’s time to share our annual staff group pictures.  We are so blessed to have educators who not only dedicate each day to learners but truly enJOY what they do in the process.  After all, it’s all about the journey…Hooray to the coaches on our winning LME Team this year!

HS teamOur Head Start Team this year:  Adrienne Mitchell, teacher; Jurae Greiten, teacher; and Amber Martin, instructional aide.kteam

The Kinder Team this year includes Lauren Bergvall, Roanna Nanney, Michelle Spradley, and Karyn Story.

1st teamFirst Grade teachers include Judy King, Katie Bergvall, Susie Dickard, Emily Stanley, and Stephanie Daniell.

2nd teamSecond grade teachers are Joy Cowan, Nikki Hoover, Heather Cooper, and Lana Beckwith.

SPED teamOur Special Education Team includes Shanna Horton (LEAD/CBI), Kacey Long (diagnostician), Delaina Wimpee (Speech/LEAD), Chandra Filmore (CBI/PPCD), Traci Samek (Inclusion/Co-Teach), Nancy Walts (CBI/PPCD), Christy McAfee (CBI), Ann Beller (CBI/PPCD), Danielle Schrodt (CM/Inclusion), Brittany Mach (Resource/Inclusion), Kris Roberts (CM/Inclusion), Bethany Griffin-Loftis (ESL/dyslexia), Erika Allen (Speech), Angela Coleman (PPCD), and Rachel McKee (AI/Deaf Education).

Part II tomorrow… 🙂

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