Destination Imagination 2013

One of the greatest thrills in the learning process is observing a group of learners experiencing the creative process from imagination to innovation.  This is never more prominent than our students who are involved in the Destination Imagination  program here at LME.  The premise behind this international phenomenon is the simple approach taken to develop opportunities for learners in their diverse and creative thinking processes.  The creative process includes the ability to recognize a challenge or problem, to imagine new options, to initiate and commit to a possible option, to collaborate using social intelligence, to assess for the best solution, and to evaluate the final results.  In plain English:  You tackle a problem with a group and create an action plan to solve it!   🙂

We are fortunate at LME to have two active (and  highly competitive) teams of DI learners who completely embrace the creative process in a big way!  They are truly working to be creative in every aspect of their lives.  Under the gentle guidance of parent team managers, these teams identify a challenge and use their crafted problemDSC_0076 solving skills to create imaginative, innovative solutions.

Both teams competed this past weekend in the regional DI Tournament in Mineral Wells.  Our Rising Stars Team of Collin, Avery, Gunner, Alessandra, Grace, and Allyson was given a special award for their outstanding teamwork and collaboration throughout the process.  Our EstablisheTeam Photo BWd Team of Kathryn, Tanner, Whitney, Skyler, Allana, and Aidan truly “WOWed” the audience with their highly creative interpretations and outcomes.

Congratulations to both groups of creative learners and their team managers for once again shining like the stars they are in patience, flexibility, persistence, elaboration, respect for others and their ideas, and using the creative problem solving process so well!  As one friend shared:  “DI is all about the experience, Mrs. Van; we work as a team to think and act out our ideas together so REAL learning takes place.”  Here’s to the DI process!  🙂

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