SomeBUNNY loves you…

This touching story of great kindness was shared with me today.  Thanks, Ms. Williams, for sharing your personal experience!

Here’s hoping it warms your heart too…

DSC01673My mom was an incredible seamstress and she made all of my clothes when I was little.  She often made gifts and outfits for my teachers too.  When I was 7, my mom was diagnosed with a terrible illness causing her to lose her fine motor skills, and she was unable to continue her sewing.  One of the last things she made was a pair of Pilgrim Bunnies for my first grade teacher, Mrs. L.  Last week, Mrs. L. wrote to me and told me she still had those two precious bunnies in her classroom every year.  Now that Mrs. L. is retired, she was sending the bunnies back for me to for safe-keeping.  A package arrived at school and I opened the box in front of my class.  My students were able to hear the bunny story while passing them around and holding them in class.  It just absolutely warms my heart to see the second generation of hugs for these bunnies, especially now that my mom is no longer able to sew.  I’m taking the bunnies home to surprise my mom and I’m certain they have a new home in my classroom now! 

As one learner summarized:  It’s important to know someBUNNY loves you, huh?!   🙂

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