A sweet balance…

My Granny B. had a saying:  “A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand.”  She made certain there were goodies in her house at all times.  Cooking and baking were her ways to show love to her family…and she was truly a master!  She appreciated the festive part of cooking them most, just like some learners shared with me today.

A class volunteer read the story The Day It Rained Hearts by Felicia Bond to the class.  Students discussed the story about Cornelia Augusta, the day she collected raining hearts, and what she did with those hearts.  In  writing workstation, students were then challenged to complete their own story:  The Day It Rained _________.  What amazed me about their writings today were the unique collections of raining objects—things like pencils, lobsters, eyeglasses, socks, shoes, and even cookies.  valcookiesOne child shared this picture of the heart cookies she and her mom are making the class this week for the Valentine’s Party (I’ll be sure and swing by that classroom during parties).  She wrote about collecting the raining cookies, decorating them, and sharing them with all her friends.  She finished her writing by saying, “Collecting friends like those raining cookies is really sweet!”  🙂

It’s comforting to have our learners enJOY writing creative ideas and sharing clever results with each other…just like a batch of warm cookies right out of the oven.  Do you have a “sweet balance” today?  🙂

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