Principal’s Principles…

There are days when my work as a campus leader focuses specifically on those we have the honor to serve everyday:  our learners.  I LOVE days like this!  Following our Friday Rally this morning, for example, I spent nearly an hour with a diverse group of 5th grade friends.  We talked in a round table session about our work here at LME.  They are a student focus group who isn’t afraid to speak about “the good and the not-so-good” concerning our campus.  They talk with me about the work they do in their classes, what they think about certain school initiatives, and how to make our learning community a better place as we grow.  They are brutally honest and I appreciate their perspective more than they know!

Likewise, Mrs. Bass, Mrs. Stanley, and I then spent a wonderful IMG_2090lunch out with a special group of learners who earned this semester honor.  These friends from Kindergarten through 5th grade met specific criteria including perfect attendance as well as and the highest academic and behavior standards.  It is truly an honor to visit with these students and enJOY some time away in a special setting for a yummy lunch!  The stories they tell us…  🙂

Our students always have a voice on our campus and part of our job is to actively listen to them.  We appreciate their feedback, their ideas, their stories, and their dreams for the future.  As one friend put it this morning, “it’s the principles of the principals that can make it or break it…”  No pressure!   🙂

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