Positive Interactions

R Time # 5In place of Morning Message each Tuesday, our learners and classroom leaders participate in R Time.  In a previous blog, I expanded on the ideas and activities associated with this interactive campus initiative; today I had the privilege of observing a particular class in R Time action.

First of all, they were excited it was R Time today!  🙂  One of the powerful aspects of their R Time work is not knowing WHO will be their working partner during the actual activity; the surprise element is always fun.  The other significant aspect is knowing their work together will be a positive experience.

As we all know, positive interactions are essential to daily healthy relationships—at home, school, work, church, community, and in life.  positivesThe actual activity involved the pairs greeting one another appropriately, sharing a pleasant thought, and then talking about the ways they share positive interactions with others.  The pairs agreed to a word to then shared with the remaining pairs to help cultivate more positive interactions in the classroom everyday.  Each pair added their chosen word to a class wordle to post for everyone to use.  The conversations and closing discussion simply warmed my heart…it encouraged me to stop several times today just to spread (as one learner said it), “positive vibes.”  Here’s hoping you spread your own positive vibes today and everyday!

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