Melting…just a state of matter…

The frosty winds made moan yet again early this morning during school arrival, but the icy leftovers are facing the sun right now.  Just a little bit of winter goes a long way in Texas, huh?!  It’s safe to say most of our campus is ready to bundle up and enJOY some sun today during recess; we really covet the sun!  🙂

meltingsnowmancookieDuring walkabout, one group stopped me to share their writing workstation challenge (notice this cute picture of the treat they will enJOY later because of a child’s birthday today).  Anyway, it got them to thinking and talking about the states of matter.  Before we knew it, there were multiple examples of materials that turn from solid to liquid to gas.  Besides water, what else can you name?

Another group was sharing how they “melt away” the winter “blahs” with things like a “Thank-You Walk,” sharing smiles and jokes and laughter with each other, celebrating successes and spending time with positive people, and showing kindness to others.  As one learner noted, “Melt away those ‘blahs’ by helping others feel better and you’ll feel better too!”   🙂

Speaking of melting blahs and warming hearts, our extraordinary 2ndgrPTO shared the wonderful treat of lunch with our entire staff today!  Stuffed baked potatoes, salads, and cupcakes brought enormous smiles to faces (educators appreciate those days when they don’t have to worry about packing a lunch!).  🙂 Thanks, PTO volunteers, board members, and parents, for sharing your culinary talents and time with us!

Here’s hoping you find a peaceful state of meaning and matter to melt away winter today and everyday!

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