Training Camp

At LaRue Miller Elementary, we strive to be the BEST at three things:  (1) making a positive impact in the lives of learners; (2) helping students realize their potential as productive and successful citizens; and (3) providing engaging and meaningful learning experiences each school day.  In order to work on the positive impact portion each year, our staff willingly participates in a summer homework reading assignment each year.  Our focus for the coming school year is Jon Gordon’s Training Camp (in fact, we’ve studied two of his other books:  The Shark and The Goldfish and The Energy Bus–and if you’re reading this, Mr. Gordon, we’d love to hear from you!).  In anticipation of the coming school year, our Miller Design Team (made up of Miller staff volunteers who openly share, discuss, and help create campus culture) has created our campus theme:  “All Stars and MVPs; Miller is the BEST place to be!”  In order to kick it into high gear, we have an overall sports focus for the year, because “Every Day is Game Day at LME!”

In his book, Mr. Gordon creates a touching story about a man who faces his fears head-on while on his path to personal greatness—not only on the field but also on his life mission.  Based on his work with professional sports teams in a variety of fields, Mr. Gordon found that the BEST of the BEST, whether they are in business or education, sales or marketing, play sports or the oboe, share the same eleven traits and habits causing them to excel in their work and life:

  1. The BEST know what they truly want.
  2. The BEST want it more.
  3. The BEST are always striving to get better.
  4. The BEST do ordinary things better than everyone else.
  5. The BEST zoom-focus.
  6. The BEST are mentally stronger.
  7. The BEST overcome their fear.
  8. The BEST seize the moment.
  9. The BEST tap  into a greater power than themselves.
  10. The BEST leave a legacy.
  11. The BEST make everyone around them better!

Our staff is creating our team “playbook” throughout the summer as we ponder each trait.  We are also excited to be teaming with the T.E. Baxter Elementary Staff on this journey (thanks, Mrs. Courtney Carpenter, principal, for sharing your insight and wisdom).  We have several surprises in store for both campuses and look forward to our BEST years ever!

See . . . even teachers do training camp in the summer . . . Stay safe out there because everyday is game day!  🙂

2 thoughts on “Training Camp

  1. It is awesome to see our campuses collaborate and share! Bringing out the best and finding excellence in each other will prepare for our learners and our community an environment that is truly the BEST place on earth to be each day! Every day is game day! TEB is looking forward to sharing the excitement with LME this year!

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