Happy Campers!

Imagine my excitement to receive not one or two, but thirteen different postcards from various Miller students attending camps and enJOYing vacations throughout this summer!  I’m so honored they would take time away to write about their experiences and share their fun with me; these are cards I will continue to treasure indeed!  Here are some examples (and note the details and writing skills):

  1. “Dear Mrs. Van, Camp is fun.  We read and swim and fish and cook and make things.  It’s just like school some days but funner because we don’t have homework.”
  2. “Dear Mrs. Van, The family is driving to grandmas and we almost didn’t make it cause we took a wrong turn back four states ago.  Grandmas house is near a lake and we swim all day.  You should see my tan (and tell nurse I used sunscreen too).  I miss school but know you are busy getting it ready for us cause you can never leave.  See you soon.  PS – tell Mrs. Samek I’m reading please.”
  3. “Dear Mrs. Van, The summer is too long.  It’s time to come back.  I’m tired of doing farm chores now. Hope you get to have some fun and not do farm chores. Please write me back.”
  4. “Dear Mrs. Van, Colorado is beautiful. You should really get out more and see this stuff!  I’m bringing you a surprise and I’ll try not to eat it before I get back to school.  See you soon!”

I can hardly wait to hear about all the adventures and summer fun!  In the meantime though, it’s great to hear from our Miller learners and know they are Happy Campers (most of them anyway) while they are away from campus.  Stay safe out there; see you soon!  🙂

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