Motivating Factors…

Having a definite and positive desire to do something is what motivation is all about here at LME!  According to a fifth grade friend who recently visited with me on this subject, “inspiration, interest, and desire are the keys needed to motivate me, Mrs. Van.”  This sounds like the very definition of the word in fact!  Take the new STAAR assessment for example . . . classroom leaders are motivated to learn all they can about how learners will be tested and what the questions may look like, but the state has been forthcoming only in small increments.  Learners are motivated to do their personal best by listening and participating in their instruction and learning so they achieve at their personal best (and from actively monitoring our entire building this week, it appears everyone is definitely trying their best!).

As a learning community, we do our best to build each other up all the time (especially in stressful times) by sharing funny stories and pep talks, giving lots of smiles and hugs…the list is endless. Take Ms. Daniell’s sweet first graders sharing treasures with their book buddies in Mrs. Kids’ fourth grade class—they had great words of encouragement to give.  There were similar kind gestures throughout our building this past week!

We always appreciate the support and encouragement we receive from you as  partners and participating members of our learning community.  You are a big part of the motivating factors nurturing our learners and classroom leaders each day.  We also thank you for your patience this week during our closed campus—you’ve been most kind about it! 🙂  Here’s hoping motivation finds you fulfilling all manner of opportunities today!

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