A community of opportunities…

Fridays are always busy with weekly wrap-ups, completion of projects, presentations, or class reviews.  Today was easily filled with a community of learning opportunities . . .

Our Kinder friends spent the day working with community helpers and their study buddies talking about future careers.  You can see the results of their discussions on display here.

Our StuCo members assisted with community service by stuffing bags of popcorn during their recess time for classes to celebrate successes.

Finally, I enJOYed lunch out in our community with the first semester Principal Luncheon recipients—what a great group of learners to take off campus for conversation and lunch!  Congratulations to these KG-5th grade students for no absences, no tardies, top grades, and awesome behavior!

I am truly inspired by our community of opportunities today and everyday at LaRue Miller Elementary; here’s hoping you are as well!  Have a safe, restful weekend.

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