Celebration and Appreciation…

Today was a day of celebration and appreciation.  Mrs. Miller was on hand to help with the festivities.  Our wonderful PTO provided a really scrumptious luncheon of soups, salads, breads, and dessert.  Thanks to our parents and volunteers who cooked and shared valuable time to nourish our staff!  Special thanks to Angela and Lori for coordinating food!

We also celebrated the work of our MISD School Board by sharing time with Mr. Tom Moore.  He joined our Student Honor Council for lunch, a special student tour, and a huge bag of handmade accolades for a job well done (created by the students and staff of our appreciative campus).  Thanks, Mr. Moore, and all our MISD Trustees for your valuable time, talents, gifts, and service on behalf of all of us!  Please join us; thank a Board member today!

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