Wrapping up Success…again!

It’s time for another round of report cards, progress reports, and celebrations of successes!  Here’s a quick Miller recap of the last few weeks of learning:

Head Start:  These youngest learners studied the letters, syllables, fall things, fire safety, pumpkin carving, and their families.  They traveled to the pumpkin farm and enjoyed breakfast with their dads during a special family event.

Kindergarten:  Our Kinder friends visited with the Midlothian Fire Department to practice fire safety, traveled back in time to visit with Christopher Columbus, studied nocturnal animals like the owl, bat, and raccoon (they were fascinated during the stinky skunk crisis), and celebrated fall with several BOO-tiful events.

1st Grade:  These outstanding readers completed a short vowel study and began work on the long vowels as well.  They conquered money and time while continuing to practice basic addition facts.  Traditional customs are shared with so many holidays approaching!

2nd Grade:  These friends focused on the history of Midlothian and compared/contrasted schools in the 1800s versus our school today.  Verbs (present, past, and future tenses) brought action to each day.  Counting money, practicing time, and emphasizing place value were the critical math skills each day (keep practicing those facts everyday!).

3rd Grade:  Round and round they go; where these learners stop, no one can know!  They are rounding in math with songs and writing about monsterous stories.  Science experiments include changes in water and melting Hershey’s kisses . . . yum!

4th Grade:  Molecular structures MATTER with these savvy scientists!  They are also multiplying several digits and measuring-up with area and volume.  Novels and lots of creative writing dominate their reading and language time.  They presented their fabulous musical, “Welcome to the Jungle,” to a packed crowd . . . Bravos to all!

5th Grade:  Our top learners have been busy discovering information about the United States branches of armed services in anticipation of their annual Veteran’s Day Program (this Friday, Nov. 11 @ 8:15).  They completed highly successful sixty-second science projects while investigating the effects of force on an object.

Our Library Media Center sponsored our fall Book Fair, the visiting author, P.W. Cantanese, and the fabulous Field of Readers!  The specials team worked on various grade level programs, art projects and props, and several sports and health units in PE.   Rowdy Runners made a mighty debut at the annual Fall Festival and Midlo Dash!

Special thanks and continued bravos go out to our incredible PTO for purchasing the new outdoor water fountains near both playground areas and assisting in the site licenses for our shape-cutter machine.  The recent Staff Luncheon of soups, salads, and subs was extraordinary—what great chefs and bakers we are blessed to have at Miller!  Also, thanks to our DADS Club who diligently come in rain or shine to help us greet everyone in the morning during arrival; we adore you and appreciate your assistance in so many ways!  Yes, it’s been such a profoundly productive fall here at Miller; let’s keep that momentum and those celebration of successes going!

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