STACHing through the day…

Our classroom leaders and staff members received a little Santa clip this week with the words:  “Santa MUSTACHE you to have a Merry Christmas,” so we declared today LME Mustache Day.  This has been so festive as we STACHEd Stashingthrough the day with various activities, conversations, and holiday fun!  Here’s Mrs. King’s class STACHing through the hall…

…then there were twin Santas on campus today!  Mrs. Perez and Ms. Mach are frequently confused by students and parents as twinSantasbeing one in the same.  One student commented:  “I just couldn’t figure out why you made her teach upstairs AND downstairs everyday, Mrs. Van; it just didn’t seem fair!”  🙂  While they do look a great deal alike, please know they really are two unique and fun ladies who decided to have a little Santa fun with this problem.  Thanks for being such great sports about all this, ladies!  🙂

So here’s your question today:  If you could wear any holiday or character disguise, who would you choose and why?  Here’s hoping you have some fun STACHing through your day towards the big holiday too!

Reminder:  Our 3rd Graders will present their “Holiday Hoe-Down” program tomorrow evening @ 7:00 in the cafe.  On Friday, we will join the Miller Express Christmas Cheer Train with our annual (school-appropriate) PJs, slippers, robes, and holiday parties. 

We got this!

IMG_3286Double, double, toil and trouble…it was not one, but two pairs of princiPALs on the scene today at LME!  It’s a great thing too because Party Day always brings interesting situations to address.  🙂

First grade teachers Katie Bergvall and Stephanie Daniell IMG_3281(both MISD alums) accepted the challenge of being Mrs. Van and Mrs. Bass (in costume at least) for the day.  Ms. Daniell found Mrs. Bass’ bullhorn to use (hhmmm…no one usually gets to use the bullhorn but Mrs. Bass), and Ms. Bergvall talked on the walkies (remarkably, just like me).  🙂

Thanks to our wonderfully supportive parents and entire learning community for coming out to celebrate a fun school day with us.  As our twins noted today, “We got this; y’all be safe out there tonight!”