What’s your story?

I had the privilege today to read with a small group of learners who wanted to talk about the book Christmas Cookies.  Written by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and illustrated by Jane Dyer, this literary treat captures the spirit of the holiday season.  Through the simple analogy of baking and eating cookies (something young learners can relate to well), sometimes difficult concepts and ideas to share like tradition, gratitude, or graciousness are simply explained.  From making the same kind of cookies each year (tradition) to decorating the cookies with lots of sprinkles (celebrate), these young readers gobbled up the big vocabulary words and holiday lessons.  The little morsels of wisdom sprinkled throughout the story with the quaint illustrations are as tasty as cookies right out of the oven actually!

So this brings me to our question today, courtesy of these young readers:  If you were writing a new classic holiday story, what would it be about, where would it take place, who would be in it, and why would we want to read it?  We all have our holiday favorites–those Christmas Classics we read year after year.  We challenge you though to explore new stories and create some on your own too!  What’s your story?  🙂