IMG_1665It was the annual school-wide SOS Event…Super Outrageous Science!  From learners and leaders dressed as scientists (some rather mad-looking in fact) to the Science of Juggling, we experimented, hypothesized, synthesized, and IMG_6717created loads of science adventure throughout the day.  Special thanks to parents, community members, presenters, and others who enhanced the day’s events and classroom presentations with everything from IMG_6718juggling to large dry-ice bubbles (with 1st grade friends inside).  Bravos as well to our campus science committee for the wonderful Science Fair all week exhibits, creepy crawlies, and more cool items (and the volunteers who ran it).  As one little friend noted, “Science IS really super outrageous, Mrs. Van!  🙂

Giving Thanks…

We wrapped up a busy week before Thanksgiving with a variety of heartwarming teaching and learning opportunities today:

HSsosOur annual Super Outrageous Science (SOS) Day events found us exploring everything from butter to electricity to owl pellets (yes, really).  Learners shared delightful commentary and observations throughout the morning as we visited classrooms.  You can see some Head Start friends here presenting their theories on the process of making butter.

I also enJOYed some special reading time (after buttter making) RNclasswith Kinder friends in Mrs. Nanney’s class when I read with them the book they gave to me.

Our campus participated in a special Miller Rally this afternoon that involved us welcoming home a soldier mom stationed overseas for the past 15 months.  She successfully surprised her second grade daughter on our campus, yet we surprised the mom with lots of flags, banners, and welcome home signs to show our appreciation for her service to our country.  Special thanks to all involved who ensured we successfully pulled off this important mission!  Welcome home, soldier; enJOY your family this holiday season!

givethanksFinally, several students shared their blessings of thanks and giving.  Here’s hoping you take time in the coming days to count your blessings too!  🙂

Note:  Our campus is closed November 25-29.  Have a safe and blessed holiday!

A ROCKIN’ Science Time!

IMG_0004It’s true; the library was rockin’ today at LME!  We were honored to have THE famous singing zoologist, Lucas Miller, charm our learners and classroom leaders alike with his hilarious and scientifically-accurate songs and stories.  He shared important facts on the wetlands, butterflies, omnivores, SHARKS, and other earthly delights.  He sang from his funny greatest hits including Anaconda La Bamba, Slimy, Living In A Wetland, IMG_0007and I’m A Mako Shark.  One teacher commented, “You can tell he’s a smart, serious musician who loves teaching others scientific facts; it’s the best of all worlds!”

Mr. Miller’s animated talk, audience interaction, and beautiful natural images truly captured our learners and their keen interest in a highly engaging and meaning presentation.  One student summed it up best, “Mrs. Van, we had a rockin’ science time today!”  🙂  Thanks, Lucas Miller!

Super Outrageous Science ROCKS today!

It’s our annual SOS Day and the hallways and classrooms are filled to the brim with super-cool experiments and challenging scientific discoveries!  Learners and classroom leaders are dressed as scientists to embark on multiple scientific journeys in classroom labs across our campus.  Volunteers and community members assisted in planning and implementing unique, engaging, and meaningful lessons involving inquiry, discovery, and the scientific method.  Everything from creating oobleck to analyzing a crime scene became reality today.

We were also blessed to have our friends from Wildlife On The Move join us for several shows throughout the day.  Learners were treated to the expertise of experienced presenters dedicated to helping everyone become more knowledgeable about various critters in our natural world.  They especially enjoyed helping students develop an appreciation for nature while fostering better understanding of the earth’s wildlife and natural resources.  Each critter’s role in our natural environment is shared while the animals are presented in an entertaining and educational manner.  There were LOTS of comments and exclamatory statements throughout each excellent presentation!
Schoolwide events like SOS are the creation of an extraordinary vision by our LME staff.  Teachers are instrumental in finding needs (like science) and filling them in fun, engaging ways.  Grateful thanks to our classroom teachers, the LME Science Committee, parent volunteers, community helpers, and visitors who embraced this vision.  As a class of learners shared with me, “Science ROCKS!”

Note:  Please enJOY the next week away from school responsibilities, homework, and schedules.  May your week be filled to overflowing and shower you in extraordinary blessings of thanks and giving!  🙂