It’s National Children’s Book Week!

I always look forward to sharing National Children’s Book Week each year and we celebrate in a big way at LME!  We have a theme each day and encourage everyone to dress up according to the theme: 

  • Monday:  Our future’s so bright in reading we have to wear SHADES.
  • Tuesday:  FLIP-FLOP into reading.
  • Wednesday:  BEACH blanket (towel) reading!
  • Thursday:  Travel the world of reading as a TOURIST.
  • Friday:  HATS off to reading. (It’s Field Day, so wear those hats to protect yourself!)

I’ll do my best to include some pictures throughout the week.  Feel free to stop by the library to select some special books and study the summer reading lists.  The Meadows Public Library sponsors outstanding reading challenges and special programs throughout the summer; check them out too!  Here’s hoping you enJOY a great piece of children’s literature with your learner today and everyday!