GRINCHy ways!

KGrinch2He’s a mean one, that Mr. Grinch!  Our Kinder and first grade teams studied the clever writings of Dr. Suess by celebrating GRINCH 1stGrinch3Day in their classrooms.  From Cindy-Lou-Who to Mr. Grinch himself, learners and classroom leaders read, wrote, computed, and explored the imaginary world of the extraordinary Dr. Suess and his The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.  What a fun, clever way to celebrate story-telling, silly rhymes, and the spirit of the holiday season!  So here’s your question today:  What’s your favorite holiday story and why is it important to you?

Ollie3In other news, Ollie the Jolly OWL continues to fly about sharing wit and wisdom along the way.  She appeared in the Kinder hall where they were measuring Ollie7objects with creative units; she became one of the special objects to measure width and length during the lesson.  Later, Ollie was found by a student under the bench in the clinic, reading up on how to keep herself healthy for the holidays.  She especially loved the Wellness song this week and wanted to get more ollienurseinformation on how to prevent the flu, so she asked to point out the important steps to follow during this busy season.  Thanks, Ollie; here’s to keeping us all well, healthy, and wise!  Where do you think she’ll turn up next?

May you have a wonderful weekend of holiday fun!

Note:  Our Penguin Patch Holiday Shop, sponsored by the PTO, opens on Monday morning! 

Merry GRINCHmas!

grinch1He’s a mean one for sure and for certain…until his heart melts and he saves Christmas for all the Whos in WhoVille.  Our first graders spent the day working with one of their favorite seasonal characters while doing core-curricular lessons using Dr. Suess’ famous Christmas story.  As one child told me, “He’s a mean one, that Mr. Grinch, but he finally ‘gets’ it you know!”  Of course, this brings us to our question for the day:  “Which literary character from a holiday story is your favorite and what lesson does this character teach you?”  I have many character favorites and each one teaches a variety of important lessons.  When talking about the Grinch, though, he learns how a JOY shared is a JOY made double.  While leaving the first grade hallway, I hear a little song and a ‘Merry GRINCHmas’ from my first grade friends; it’s truly a blessing to share the JOY (and some important lessons) of the holiday with our learners!  🙂

Note:  Our class holiday parties are tomorrow at LME:  HS/KG/1st/2nd @ 9:00-10:00; 3rd/4th/5th @ 1:30-2:30.