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Digital Citizenship

To support the Technology Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) across grades KG – 8, our annual Digital Citizenship Week in Midlothian ISD encourages our learners to consider information on smartcookieethical and safety concepts as they work in the digital age (something I never worried about during my formative years!).  Our creative Library Media Specialists (our really smart cookies) have designed engaging lessons centered on five key components of the digital age in the 21st century:

Copyright and Fair Use:  Learners talk about pride in creating personal work and presenting it as their own while being taught appropriate ways to give credit for the work of others and how to cite it.

Digital Etiquette:  Discussion centers about what we say online, including the example of not saying anything you would not say to a person’s face…”words online should always be kind.”  🙂

Digital Safety:  Activities share ideas for staying safe and using common sense while working online.

Cyberbullying:  Specific care is taken to talk about online bullying (the most common form of bullying in this country, especially in adults).  Our tweets, texts, blogs, and multiple media forms are permanent…”just like the toothpaste in the tube, once you say something, text it, tweet it, comment on it, send it, or post it, you can’t take it back…”

Digital Footprint:  Learners sum-up the top tips to remember about digital citizenship like “let an adult know if anything you read or see makes you feel worried or upset” or “treat your password like your toothbrush; don’t share it with anyone and change it often.”  🙂

Special thanks to our own LMS, Melissa Bolgiano, and her team of techies who delivered informative, fun daily lessons and morning messages along with special public service announcements all week.  While digital citizenship is a relatively new term for some, it is everyday vocabulary for our 21st Century digital natives.  I challenge you to discuss these concepts with your child this weekend; you just might learn something new about your own digital citizenship!  🙂

Note:  We look forward our POWER of Miller celebration tomorrow along with the annual PTO Sock Hop and Classic Car Show…see you there! 

Know and Go…all hands on deck!

Just in case you missed the memos, emails, texts, folders, mass-blasts, and old-fashioned notes home, it’s a busy week for us herehelping-hands as we gear up for the following festive activities:

The POWER of Miller is this Thursday, September 26th all day (during specials time)!  Learners and classroom leaders will work through and complete ten activity stations to raise awareness and money for our school and chosen charities.  This is our one campus-wide FUNdraiser for the year and your support is needed!  We will celebrate our success next Friday, Oct. 4th.  All monies are due back by Wed; Oct. 2nd.

MISD Homecoming is this Friday, September 27th.  Elementary students release from school @ 12:45 p.m., therefore, we are on a short specials and lunch schedule for the day.  The community parade starts @ 3:00 p.m. and the big game begins at 7:30 at the stadium.  Come out and support our team by showing your Panther pride and spirit!

Digital Citizenship Week is all next week with special activities planned in classrooms to include copyright and fair use, digital etiquette, safety, cyberbullying, and our digital footprint.

PTO Family Sock Hop and Classic Car Show is next Friday, October 4th from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.  This is our traditional Back-to-School family event.  You are encouraged to wear 50s attire, enJOY an ice cream float, and dance the night away with friends and family!

These are important items to know and go.  All hand’s on deck now; here’s hoping you choose to be part of the excitement too!

Are you a strong digital citizen?

Empowering students to think critically and make informed choices about how they create, communicate, and treat others in the ever-evolving, 24/7 digital world is a priority for our campus and Midlothian ISD.  Students need to know the decisions they make communicating on the Internet contribute to their digital identity, or digital tattoo.

With this purpose in mind, Midlothian ISD declared this week, October 1-5, Digital Citizenship Week.  In morning message and throughout the instructional day, we are focusing on five critical themes tied to Internet safety through daily activities and instruction including:

Monday – Copyright & Fair Use
Tuesday – Digital Etiquette
Wednesday – Digital Safety
Thursday – Cyberbullying (LME is also doing “SUPER Hero Day”)
Friday – Digital Footprint

As your child’s first and most important teacher, we strongly encourage you to learn more about what you can do at home to help your child become a responsible Digital Citizen.  Please view these sites for more information.

National PTA

FBI: A Parent’s Guide to Internet Safety

On Guard Online