No-TV and Chili, please!

We had an extraordinary turnout this evening for our annual LME Chili Cook-off Family Event!  Special thanks to the Miller CATCH Committee who regularly sponsors our No-TV Family Events throughout the school year; they did an amazing job (as usual) and this particular event was no exception!

Guest judges for the evening were Michael Van Amburgh, James Bass, Susie Dickard, Coach Ryan Timm, and MISD Superintendent, Dr. Jerome Stewart.  These special folks deserve praise and thanks for participating with us this year!


Staff members were on hand to assist the hungry crowd following the PTO meeting while the chili judges were busy sampling entries.

Our own LME HotSteppers were on hand to show off some smooth jumping moves as part of the evening’s entertainment.  They are gearing up for the annual Jump Rope for Heart Event next week . . . and I can only dream about jumping like them some day . . . .

Congratulations to all the chili winners and those who entered their scrumptious pots of chili!  Mrs. Bly, 5th grade teacher, walked away with coveted 2012 Miller Chilipot Trophy.  Who will it be next year?


Finally, we wrapped up the family fun with several “serious” rounds of BINGO called by Susie Dickard (stepping in for our own LaRue Miller, who was feeling a bit under the weather this evening).  The competition was fierce for special prizes.  Thanks, Mrs. Dickard for serving in several capacities tonight.

We will have other No-TV Family Events in the coming weeks, but in the meantime, here’s hoping you find unique ways of celebrating family time together (without the TV).  🙂