It’s ironic, but perhaps highly symbolic, that I drank from my favorite cup on the very day of her passing.  Daddy even commented to me when he saw her image on my mug, “Now there’s an example of dynamite coming in a small package!”  I laughed, “Yes, daddy; definitely a petite, brilliant lady, but a heroic giant in the very best of ways!”  Little did I know hours later news of her passing would break and the tears would flow…

Whatever your political affiliation, it is undeniable Justice Ginsburg made our world a better place. Serving as a relentless litigator and jurist, especially with her decisions and dissents on the Supreme Court, she set the stage for generations to come.  The inspiration of her lifelong engagement of and dedication to excellence, to equality, to justice, to civil rights for ALL, and to this country, is undeniable.

Personally, how grateful I am to her for the exceptional role model she is in the lives of my own daughters.  I thank her for being a trailblazer, a citizen committed to real progress, an advocate in her unflinching pursuit for freedom and opportunity, and a relentless titan for equal justice under the law for ALL.  I thank her for the position she holds in changing the course of American history during her lifetime.  Just like other iconic legends in my own life, many of whom have gone before her, the soft yet powerful voice of Justice Ginsburg will continue to resonate loud and proud echoing into the next generations.  May we all move forward and continue working to live up to my favorite quote of hers:  “I would like to be remembered as someone who used whatever talent she had to do her work to the very best of her ability…”  

Rest in power and peace, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  And just so you know, whether it is fashionable or not, perhaps you’ll better understand why I wear my lace collars anytime I choose…

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