Readers are Leaders…

imgresReaders are leaders; it’s a known fact.  A language-rich and print-rich environment at school and at home are instrumental in building better readers, writers, listeners, and thinkers.  The best way to promote strong reading skills, share a love of books, and just spend time together (as a model reader) occurs during Read-Alouds or Story Time.  Want to spend quality time with your child building reading skills and teaching a love of books?  Here are some simple suggestions:

  1. Read regularly – try to read together daily, perhaps at bedtime (what I called rocker time when my girls were little).  Read-alouds can also be done on the way to soccer practice or while supper is cooking.
  2. Take turns choosing books together – old favorites are fun but learn to branch out some into new genres such as poetry, non-fiction, or biographies.
  3. Let the child participate and be playful – use different voices for different characters or substitute the child’s name for the main character along with family member names for other characters.  Ask your child to turn pages or finish rhyming words in sentences for you.

The joy of reading is cultivated just like your favorite flower or herb in the garden.  Reading is the foundation and heart of everything we do at school; reading sets expectations for all future academic success in all other areas.  We are blessed and so grateful to the many volunteers who spend valuable time in our classrooms as guest readers and leaders, especially our Rocking Reader community members!  They know and show how readers are leaders throughout life!  So, what will you read with a child today?  🙂

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