Everyone is a teacher to someone…

teacherIt’s National Teacher Day and where do I even begin to express the depths of appreciation for the work teachers are called to do everyday? To educate literally means, “to assist in training the mind and abilities with instruction to impart knowledge.” Basically, we are all teachers because someone is a teacher to someone every day. While our parents are our first and most important teachers, it is hoped there are many along each educational path who share great enthusiasm, passion, and rapport with us as we climb educational mountains of knowledge. As someone noted, “Thinking will not overcome fear of learning, but action will.” Daily classroom action is what I sincerely hope each learner experiences daily in our classrooms!

During walkabout this morning, these are some comments shared with me by some of our learners regarding our teachers:
*She sees us as unique and encourages our talents and strengths; she smooths the rough edges.
*He looks beyond my face and sees inside my soul.
*She has a caring heart and respects me even when I don’t deserve it.
*He has this great laugh and I know everything will be okay.
*She smiles, looks past my bad choice, and sees my pain.
*He builds my confidence and makes me feel worthy.
*She makes a BIG difference in everyday for me; I know she loves me!

The comments go on and on…what a blessing and honor to do what we do everyday! My Granny B always said, “Generosity is a sign of a great soul.” Teachers are called to this work (and I help those who are not to open their future to other possibilities). Teachers give beyond the daily eight hours and the 180 days of instruction (just visit with a significant other in the life of a teacher for the “real” scoop). Teachers are people who crave encouragement, praise, and positive reinforcement, but rarely experience the fruits of their labor for years to come. We’ve all had the BEST examples of teachers and some who are not…either way, lessons in life were shared and memories were cemented in place (for better or worse). Your challenge is to reach out, thank those who influenced your journey (remember, everyone is a teacher to someone). Take time to share your praise and encouragement. Reflect and revisit those days…thank a teacher today!