Thoughtful words…

It all started this morning with walkabout and a conversation with a child:

  • Child:  So, what do you think of our classroom sign today, Mrs. Van?
  • Me:  Well, let me take a moment to ponder.thoughtfulwords
  • Child:  That’s your One Word this year, isn’t it?  Ponder!  Perhaps if more of us took time to really ponder, words would never hurt us, huh?!  🙂
  • (My thought bubble:  “If only my child, if only…”)

I’m so proud of these learners for taking time to THINK, for truly listening to the message, and for challenging themselves and those around them to THINK!  As my Granny B often reminded me, “It is easier to go down the hill and take the shorter route than climb up the long way, but the view is so much better from the top.”   Staying on “top” of our words is a special lesson in life, so here’s hoping we all take the message of these learners to THINK (and perhaps ponder) as we go through each day.

Note:  We continue to appreciate all our parents coming out for grade level Parent Nights as we share important information!

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