HOME is where the learning really is…

summer-sandals.jpgWe still have summer school is full swing on campus so on my walkabout this morning, I spent time visiting with learners about lessons from home.  One small group was sharing with me their “adventures” from the weekend–a trip to the Perot Museum (a personal favorite) and watching World Cup Soccer in Klyde Warren Park yesterday with Team USA on the “ginormous screen, Mrs. Van!”  🙂

We continued to visit about other options from home and these learners provided keen insight and clever ideas for all of us to consider trying at home during the summer:

  1. We keep a journal daily where we can draw and write about our experiences.
  2. Visit historical places and participate in events.
  3. Use a calculator at the grocery store so we stay on the weekly food budget (“I eat a lot, Mrs. Van!)  🙂
  4. Listen and dance to music everyday.
  5. Tell lots of stories, especially on long car trips to the family reunion…we’ve got some interesting folks in our family.  🙂
  6. Teach my parents how to use Google Maps to get places.
  7. Get outside and run, walk, throw balls, play games, and goof off.
  8. Go to the library and museums; sometimes it’s even fun!  🙂
  9. “Blow up” things in the backyard (no comment here, but I have to hope it’s supervised science experiments…)
  10. Cook and bake and eat lots of great summer foods!  🙂

What a great list of ideas!  Here’s hoping there is something you can venture forth with today or tomorrow because “Home is where the learning really is…”  🙂


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