Piano Lab ROCKS!

pianolab1Our multi-talented music teacher, Mrs. Perez, just opened the many boxes filled with musical treasures from our recent MISD Education Foundation grant (thanks, MEF)!  Our learners and classroom leaders alike were inspired to compose creative pieces as well as learn to actually play the piano.  Mrs. Perez can be at her master keyboard and hear what each player is doing by “keying into” their system, thus teaching as she goes individually to each learner.

This particular lab pianolab3will teach basic keyboarding skills, how to compose simple keyboard pieces, and basic music sight-reading.  Research shows that basic keyboarding and piano knowledge not only enhances musical talent in all other instruments, but builds stronger brain connections in reading, writing, math calculation and problem solving.   As one friend shared, “This piano lab, rocks, Mrs. Van!”  Rock on, little piano players!  🙂

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