WHOOO sent in the clowns?

Someone noted, “A cloudy, rainy day is no match for a sunny disposition.”  Such is the truth today at LME!  From owl pellet labs to clowns, it’s been a real circus…

owl1 owl3Our fifth grade friends participated in one of the “coolest labs ever” today according to some learners who were sharing their results with me.  The owl pellets were donated by an owl expert from southern Oklahoma who knew about our work.  Today was the big day for them to dissect owl pellets to discover the diets of owls.  While researching their findings, they discussed food chains, food webs, and ecosystems.  One friend commented, “Eww…this is the grossest and yet most fun science lab yet this year!”  🙂

circus4At the other end of the building, circus2we had our first grade friends who were preparing their really huge show under the Big Top called “Circus, Circus”  by John Jacobson and John Higgins.  Under the direction of ring master, Mrs. Perez, these outstanding clowns, ringleaders, lions, mimes, and more shared the story of working when circus3the circus comes to town.  Special thanks to our amazing parents for the elaborately detailed costumes too!  From kazoos to lion roars, these amazing performers gave their personal circus best!

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