Give Thanks for Each Day!

My Kinder friends in Mrs. Nanney’s class surprised me today with a random act of kindness.  You see, they know a few things about me:  I love books; I love reading and writing, and Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday (just to GiveThanksEachDAyname a few).  They each signed and gave me the sweetest book ever…Give Thanks For Each Day by Steve Metzger.  They wanted me to share the text with you:

Give thanks for each day. Give thanks for each night.
For colorful flowers; for stars shining bright.
Give thanks for new crayons; red, green, and blue.
Give thanks for the moments when wishes come true.
Give thanks for the train that chugs down the track.
Give thanks for the comfort when Mommy comes back.
Give thanks for a puzzle, a favorite bear.
The thrill when you’re lifted way up in the air.
A hug!  A parade!  A bath!  A new toy!
The things in our world that fill us with JOY!
Give thanks for a walk by a lake in the park.
Give thanks for the light in our home after dark.
Give thanks for the snowflakes that fall from above.
For getting together with people you love.
Give thanks for sweet ice cream; for ducks in a row.
Give thanks for great stories, which help you to grow.
Give thanks for the ocean; give thanks for the sand.
The sweet, simple pleasure when we’re holding hands.
Give thanks for “I love you,” the best words to say.
Give thanks for each night. Give thanks for each day!

Thanks to these thoughtful young readers who know me so well; thanks for sharing the JOYs of everyday simple things and reminding us all to Give Thanks For Each Day!  🙂

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