Angel wings…

Full moon…allergy season…buckets of much-needed rain…indoor recess…football Friday on the cusp of the Autumnal Equinox…need we say more?!  🙂  It was a busy day filled with rally, Hans and Franz The POWER of Miller reminders (Do YOU have Miller POWER?!), older learners believe2assisting little learners, Panther football readers, and the announcement of our Yearbook and Student Honor Council staffs (more on these two groups in later blogs).  In the midst of the hustle and bustle, several friends stopped by to read poems or journal entries to me throughout the day (I enJOY this opportunity whenever I can grab it!).  One particular writer shared a personal story spiraling from a literature group discussion in class this week.  This young writer reflected on losing a sibling at a young age…”she’s my personal angel now and lightly flies around all day long looking after me…” (talk about profound, emotional statements).  This child’s message to take each day for the gift it is, to “lighten up” with others, and to show those random acts of kindness and compassion daily goes well beyond eight years of life so far.

I remember being told as a child, “The reason angels can fly is they take themselves so lightly.”  Here’s hoping we heed the lesson and all learn to take ourselves a little more lightly…and maybe we will earn those angel wings after all!  🙂

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