A.C.E. launches into new adventures!

MISD’s annual Academic Camp for Elementary or ACE is winding down today, but what a week around here!  Elementary students from around MISD have participated in the following ways:

Camp SCRAPs (Super Cool Recycled Art Projects), taught by Baxter teacher, Amy Sears.  Artists explored who uses recycled materials in their work while creating their own unique prints, paintings, drawings, collages, and other crafts using a variety of previously enjoyed materials blended with quality resources.

Drawing! Painting! Pottery! Crafts! was designed by Miller teacher, Scott Fiorenza.  Various art topics were explored through different mediums to create inspired artwork based on the art elements and principles of design.

Creating Music Using Technology, shared by Irvin’s music teacher, Adriane Brown, had students using technology to create and perform original compositions.  Digital instruments, iPads,, and other innovative online music programs were used.  Students performed a short program to showcase their amazing musical creations.

Be A Rocket Scientist, engineered by MHS teacher, Sarah Hardin, challenged rocketlauncherslearners to build genuine combustible engine rockets.  Young scientists ignited and launched their rockets in a special ceremony, marveling at each one soared upwards of 700 feet and then gracefully returned assisted by their skillfully crafted parachutes.

Balanced Brain-iacs, led by Vitovsky teacher, Paula Doskocil, focused on activities designed to enhance the brain’s function.  Students used balance boards, too backboards, rotation boards, balance beams, and the pendulum ball to enhance their handwriting, reading, and math skills as well as hand-eye coordination and focus.

Go Google, conceived by Vitovsky teacher, Stacee Johnson, used iPads and laptops to “go Google.”  Students researched topics of choice as they explored Google educational tools and web 2.0 applications to learn web search techniques and create a finished technology project to share with others.

Campers enthusiastically shared their overwhelming appreciation and thanks to these talented teachers for their creative experiences.  MHS Pals assisted and earned community service hours for participating during the week.  Special thanks to Miller AP, Robin Bass, and her team for leading the groups throughout the week.  Thanks to the campers, their leaders, and families who embraced the ideas and participated at the highest levels.  It’s great to launch into new adventures…and never better than the summertime!  🙂

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