Seeds of Success…

A parent stopped me today in the midst of final day (organized?) chaos SeedsofSuccessand shared this  beautiful note with me:

I’m the voice of a grateful parent whose child was in your school; the one who needed lots of help to find his way.

You and so many have been a blessing to our family as everyone helped my child succeed; we are grateful for the part each person had to play.

You gave him so much more than just lessons or books or boundaries; you gave him wings so he could learn to fly.

You ignited a flame within his soul, a passion to learn and grow, and to never give up and always be willing to try!

The encouragement inspired him, and everyone’s kindness was so real, but the thing thrilling my heart the most is this;

Building his self-confidence has changed his life forever because he believes in himself, and a brighter future is now his!

WOW…may we never underestimate the powerful impact of the work we choose to do everyday at LME!  Here’s hoping we always continue to plant seeds and be a catalyst for success!

Bravos, Team Miller, on a job well done this school year! 

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