Left-Hander’s Day!

Did you know August 13th is declared National Left-Hander’s Day?  Did you also know about 20% of the US population is left-handed and of that, boys are twice as likely to be left-handed than girls?  I’m blessed to have a left-hander in our home, my sweet husband.  Here’s a picture of Professor Van Amburgh (getting ready to graduate a class of undergraduates from his university teaching assignment).  He tells me a gene is the strong contributing factor for being left-handed.  Scientists actually discovered the gene during a study of children with dyslexia and they believe it is an inherited factor from the father.  MENSA also reports that 20% of their members are left-handed—definitely some interesting findings!

Since the world is usually built for right-handers, it’s certainly a challenge to our left-handers when working with tools, cooking utensils, school supplies (think scissors and spirals in particular), and the list goes on… My daddy, who is also left-handed, tells the story of his first grade teacher slapping his left hand everyday in school for not writing with his right hand!  So sorry, daddy!  What was this teacher thinking?

For those of us who are right-handed, have patience with your left-handed friends who work in a right-hand dominated world.  As Mr. Van frequently reminds me:  “Lefties are the only ones in their right minds!”  🙂  Cheers to all the lefties today!  🙂

Note:  Let’s get those online first-day packets completed!

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