Olympic Ideas!

I’m completely besotted with the Summer Olympic Games right now (what about that witty British opening ceremony?)…almost to the point of planning personal time around certain events so I can watch hours of footage.  I’m not an athlete (far from it), yet the draw for observing the BEST in action is so strong.  More than anything though, the human interest side of each athlete fascinates me—those individual stories-behind-the-story—what LaRue Miller calls, “challenging starts making for successful finishes.”  These athletes are all the greatest and the BEST in world as they represent their perspective countries with their BEST in hopes of securing the coveted medals of victory in the end.

When I think about our Miller learners, I’m convinced we have some future Olympians in our midst!  In the meantime though, we have much to do in preparation.  With our Olympic-sized academic year ahead of us, I challenge all of us to bring our BEST to school everyday.  Training starts now while we are re-establishing routines, collecting school supplies, making sure immunizations are up-t0-date, getting a school haircut, checking clothing for dress code approval, and wrapping minds around another important school year.  Bring those Olympic ideas and let’s get ready to win, LME!  🙂

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